Our story

During Spring 2021 our lives took a big turn and our family went through some really hard times. When summer arrived, we needed something to keep us occupied during the days to help us move forward. And so the idea of a webshop was born. We started planning and brainstorming, and eventually, after a year of preparations, we launched Friendly Feather Shop. It is an ongoing process and we come up with new ideas to try out all the time, but that is what is so fun about it.

Our products are vegan friendly, cruelty free and everything is 100% handmade. We hope that our work can bring you and the people you love some joy in your life.

Take a look around an choose from all our products, from home decorations to jewelry. Don't forget to follow us on our socials and feel free to post about us whenever you want!

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I'm Amanda, the owner of Friendly Feather Shop. I love this little business and I'm constantly working on new creative things. In June 2024 I graduated the Swedish high school, and now I'm so excited to take this webshop to a new level. I hope you'll love our products as much as I do.

Welcome to join this journey!